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  • Required by DOL
  • Considered By SANAS as Continuous Improvement for Inspection Body Accreditation Process
  • Association Represents the Industry on many Industry Bodies such as SABS Committees ,SANAS Technical Committees, Pressure Equipment Regulation Forum  and Guidance Notes Committee.
  • Participation in development of Standards
  • Sharing of Updated Information related to our Industry
  • Interaction with Peers
  • Attendance of Quarterly Meetings
  • CPD Points awarded for Meeting attendance by IPE/CP Committee
  • One single Voice for the Inspection Authorities
  • Ensure Standardised Processes and Interpretations for Technical Matters
  • Free Training Sessions on Industry Topical Issues
  • Access to AIA Association Website
  • Advice on Interpretation of Regulations
  • AIA Association manages the relationship with the DOL for AIA’s
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