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The Association is a voluntary body which represents all DOL Approved Inspection Authorities rendering services related to the Pressure Equipment Regulations(PER) of the OHSAct.
The association strives to ensure that all technical aspects of this field are provided with professionalism and Integrity, Approved Inspection Authorities(AIA) are an extension of the Department of Labour and are mandated to ensure Pressure Equipment Safety, by executing Certification of Pressure Equipment in line with Approved Health and Safety Standards as accepted in SANS 347 Annex A, in addition the In- Service AiA’s  ensure equipment is suitable for continued service by performing the required statutory inspections as required in the PER.

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Approved Inspection Authorities are those Inspection Bodies that are accredited by SANAS under ISO 17020 and further Approved by the DOL, each carry a unique number issued by DOL.
Approved inspection authorities employ registered Inspectors of Pressurised Equipment (IPE) and Competent Persons (CP) to execute the required tasks.
The Association also handles any complaints raised against AIA’s in the performing of their duties.
Association holds quarterly meetings to discuss matters of relevance to the AIA’s and also aligns interpretations and procedures to execute certain tasks, to ensure stakeholders receive the same level of service regardless of which member they interact with.